Monday, November 19, 2012

The Broom Serendipity

My brother and I talk. Surprise! The nature of our conversations is not what surprises me. Often, it's the content of  the conversation and how helpless we both seem in finding solutions to the obvious issues we point out. So, my issue now is how to internalize the reasons why we are just good at pointing out the problems and how we do very little to resolve them. Is it hypocritical, to any extent, that we almost always end these discussions with plenty hmms and ahhs then resign to browsing the internet or watching TV?  Those critics; the ones who identify all the ills of an issue yet do nothing about it themselves have always annoyed me. I'm somewhat annoyed at myself right now. Many times over, I have heard the no-contribution-is-too-small narrative, you know, the whole little drops of water .. mighty ocean assertion. Do something!

He just told me he's now contemplating the idea of probably moving to the belly of the beast, become a yank, you know, migrate and live a fuller life in the U.S, then help someday if/when he makes it big! These are the underpinnings of the deficit of opportunity in our system. I have friends who have made tremendous progress with the hand they've been dealt in Ghana. Maybe I'm the loser that has not managed to succeed yet and therefore I blanket-qualify everyone into the struggling sect. My brother likes nice things, just go to his blogs or  and you'll see what I mean. He also makes observations of the most mundane things I have ever seen on a blog. He captures images of things that are so fervently humble that, it does not match his seemingly high-brow taste for the finer things in life. The continuity of this complexity in persona is drawn in that line from Jay Z's PSA: "I'm like Che Guevara with bling on, I'm complex."  I think a lot of the people I admire in our generation are battling this quagmire.

Consequently, we may never see these aspirations to fruition, unless we will-it into existence. Of course, its gonna take a lot more than will but that is where it can start. Sheer will power. I have become extremely efficient at pointing out the flaws of our severely under-developed country. Its easy for all of us to point out the corruption engulfing us; politically, religiously, culturally even economically. We have people living in mansions built on very bad roads or streets, inefficient water and sewage systems that make the bathroom shower trickle instead of sprinkle like it was designed to, countless vehicles on the road used for public transportation that are literally death-traps, they smoke more than Bob's entire weed movement sparked, smelly drainage systems that literally burn the nostril hairs, so imagine what they do to your insides? A majority of our people live in poverty, have little access to opportunity. A labor system that rapes the labor force, raw deal. Income disparity that will make the Chinese blush. The laundry list is endless and we manage to blame all the various causes of sudden death in our communities on the witches and wizards, the gods, juju and Satan,  never the glaring unsanitary conditions we live in. Or the greedy business owners, the madams and bosses that have little regard for their employees. Or the government workers who feel the need to take 4-hour lunch breaks and the managers that have ghosts on the payroll. Or the volcanic hole in our leadership structure. The answer to any mishap in Ghana is usually: "leave it to God". You have con-men masquerading as Pastors selling false hope and miracles to the masses.  Since there is so little for the common man to peg their dreams on, they buy the bullshit these hope-houses disguised as Churches are selling. Their desperation to be noticed by the pastor, that they actually contributed a larger 10% offering this month than the previous one, hoping that God's blessings will be rationed to favor them better this go-round. Here is a kicker; YOUR PASTOR IS NOT THE GATEKEEPER OF THE ALMIGHTY'S BLESSINGS!!!! We all know the problems we face or do we? How can we fix this? We should start by freeing our minds from the clutches of the religious and superstitious chains that have become as akin to our being as our DNA. It is even easier to give up on trying or making the idea of a progressive country that is drenched in the blood of maintaining the status quo a reality. We can be a productive people, have a stable economy, young women who don't have to depend on the married sugar-daddy to save her and her impoverished family, responsible men who don't spread their seed around as if they were in a germination contest, the rule of law, an unsaturated Accra. You get the pattern.

Here is my idea: The Broom Serendipity(trademarked). This is an organizational project I've been thawing since 2007. Its supposed to be a coalition of well-meaning Ghanaians/Africans who have one purpose; making a real difference. It has only one agenda: help the country and its people in whatever way possible. There will be no hierarchical order in the organization as an entity, just a legion of doers. We find projects of interest and go after making it right. I don't know what the outcome will be, or if anyone will join this movement but I gotta try to start this thing somehow. The older I get, the more I realize that, my goals and aspirations won't wait until I'm this obvious do-good-er millionaire that becomes one of the leaders that truly make a meaningful positive difference in our progress from the dark-ages. I wanna do something, anything that can help. So whoever has any ideas, lets reach out to each other and I'll do whatever I can, wherever I can. This is all because people like Kwame exist. Who gives a shit about our feelings? I sound like those preachy SU-types I loathed in boarding school, or the pseudo-good kids that always had a positive quote to deter you from getting your smoke on in those experimental teenage years, which is weird to say because I never smoked when it was popular to do so. I rebel for the sake of rebelling sometimes. I know, mad corny but these are the things that have kept me up for over a decade. Things have to change, so there is my 20 Pesewas. Out.


Anonymous said...

Very inspiring article... I'm glad you're willing to support. Has this project kicked off? And how does one reach you?

GrIOtS said...

Sorry it took me this long to respond, I just saw this. my email is if you wanna reach out.