Monday, February 24, 2014


Gender. Ladies and gentlemen, indulge me for a thoroughly unnecessary post. The actual piece I've been working on is done and actively sitting in my draft posts and I'm still not feeling it as much so I revamped this old piece out of my drafts instead....

In our efforts to become better persons, I'm sure we encounter struggles that seep deep into the core of the foundations of what we've been raised to know. My evolution is based on my desire to just be the best human being I can be. It is that simple, not for points or recognition nor pussy. I just have this appetite to be right in my walk in life, to know that I treated people as fairly as I knew how and believed. That phrase "no one can be perfect" preached in Sunday School rubbed me a bit harder than the rest of yous I think. LOL. I hate taking advantage of people or using people for that matter. It is a difficult way to be not only because I fall short a lot but also the interaction with the rest of the world is not entirely conditioned to my way of thinking or doing things. I am the misnomer. Are you one?

The idea of the natural order of things; as we have evolved, the factors that warranted the superiority of the male over the female is constantly being challenged and refuted by what both sexes are constantly able to achieve outside the norms of what society has confined them to. Knowledge and technology have given us the opportunity to improve our skills as individuals, regardless of gender, and the demands of our Societies and their Economies make it even more prudent to allow all able bodies to participate in the contribution to human progress. There was a time and still remains in many societies,-- in both the most advanced parts of the world and the rather indigenous where gender roles are essential to the proper functioning of the family structure and the well-being of the community in general. I happen to agree that the family unit is the most essential aspect of any society's progress. Let's leave that thought alone for another post.

The "natural" role of women was probably derived from their maternal nature(the majority). They are the ones through which our continued existence is guaranteed-- biologically. It was probably thought wise, looking at all other forms of procreating life, that women(females) are predisposed to the task of raising kids and by extension all the responsibilities that come with it. Homemakers by default of their biology. As the world has advanced, the desire of women to be respected as equals in the human chain is an endeavor that is long overdue. It should have never been in question in the first place. The patriarchal system put in place was a way to probably bring order into our society. Orderliness is essential for progress in any endeavor. However, reducing women to a specific definition was where the sense of orderliness denigrated into a desire to control. What was never acknowledged is; lifting boulders and building bridges was not more important than mothering and home-making. They were congruently important for the sustenance of society as we know it. If I have to elaborate on the "why" it should be so, then you need more than just this blog-post to reform your views so let's carry on.

Skip the history lesson. What is the real issue with empowered women? Women who find it as their choice to be just as sexual if not more sexual than their fellow men-- are the emotional issues or egos of men standing in the way of accepting that sexuality is equally a woman's right or women being able to have the same autonomy over their body and preferences like men do, their sole right to determine? What will a world like that result in? Maybe some chaos but if we believe the idea of gender roles to be based on the natural disposition of either sexes, then the deviations from it should not be an overall threat to the order of our current civilization, no? The argument can be made that, if enough people learn -- which they can since behavior is learned and taught or copied, to not play the existing defined gender roles, we may evolve into a chaotic society.  Boogeyman 101. :)

That is a projection that none of us may live long enough to witness so let's address current matters. A liberated woman is so attractive to me. It is so comforting, especially knowing a woman chose you as a preference as opposed to a set of categories that you met. That she wants you not because she's now aging and wanting to be married but she wants you because that's just it? I find that extremely attractive! I'd say it is a confusing dynamic when it comes to real-world dating because, the women I end up attracted to are still evolving in their sense of freedom of self. Let me expound. They are independent, intelligent and ambitious women who don't count how long before they should have sex with a guy or whether that defines their dignity. However, in the same breath, they have certain ingrained traits that give them a desire to conform to the norms of society at some point. It baffles me because then I wonder where the feminism or independence from the patriarchy gets ignored and their "natural" pre-dispositions as defined before kick in. I know women who want no parts of having a baby, most of them want to adopt instead so there is a quasi-mothering desire there. That need to be a wife and a mother is almost synonymous with womanhood. I'm sure there are exceptions but I'm talking about the general pool here. Is it only a matter of time before certain women decide marriage and child birth can suck it? How would we deal? It is a fascinating thought but for now, and until then hold that 10% of your salary for the wedding band in a safe account because if you fall in love, you will marry! LOL.

As this is not an indictment of the female gender, as men, we also have our issues with fully accepting the patriarchal roles placed on us. I constantly encounter the notion of guys crying about women wanting them for just their money all the time. Like guys who are literally willing to be "the man" until it gets to their pocket. They want that respect, the reverence and regard, they want to put their foot down and beat their chests.. except not pay for it or be the ones that foot the bill. It is their God given right-- don't tell them about equality! What rattles me the most is usually most of these guys worked so hard for exactly that; the attention of women they wouldn't have encountered in the first place just by sheer demographics then get mad when they get the attention they eagerly sought?? Gold-diggers are annoying though, only because they sound like beggars but I've probably encountered just one and damn was her body worth paying for!! I had to let her go though because it was old after the second "can you buy me this perfume" and "I want money for my plane ticket"-- Chic, this isn't a request line, take you phat ass over there, far away from me where I can't lust for it. Back to the men-- they also want to fuck as many dimes as possible and settle with a woman who has a very limited sexual history, a non-ho! So who should marry the girls you were fucking on your way to maturity and settling down? Needless to say, I'm personally allergic to virgins. Can one choose  balance?

In a perfect world, you meet a woman who is in love with everything that you are and wants just that. She respects you just because respecting another human being comes to them by default. She loves you completely and whatnot. You in turn love and respect her for exactly everything she is, her choices her dreams, goals and all that shit and you don't expect anything of her that you don't expect of  yourself or that she doesn't expect of herself. You don't treat each other based on what sexual organ you have but as cerebral individuals who have made a conscious and emotional decision to love one another.

Then somebody slapped me back to reality, this is real life not Utopia fuck-face!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014



The war is almost over.  Silhouettes of fear draped the room, flowing with much uninhibited grace.
She's dancing away like a whirlwind. Tracing the floor in a pattern of rage, resurrecting the dead tissues of melancholy. Lady!

Today you get flowers, chocolate and the left chest organ screaming like the keys of a grand piano.
Show up at her door and yell your peace. Don't dance till the energy is dissipated, grasp it, feel it.
Sew words where your actions hold no thread. Inhale it with the intensity of....

Don't get poetic, just take her where she's never been. Rest your guard, tonight you dine on her heart while it is raw. Nothing is ever sure, it is all a chance you gotta take. You don't believe much in the exercise of instructed love, so what? Today break some of your worthless rules, there's no prize in heaven for holding on to them so tight. The only thing that matters is now, the moment, how real, relish it.

We set out to voice a tale of the beauty of loving. Few come around with this much force. Your man card is no less valuable because you embraced the force. The alternative is feeling a bunch of bullshit that never mattered 9-months after the moment is gone, your wishes are not respected by time. 

Walk into the restaurant with the confidence of a frightened pup. She sits, shoulders drooping and chin reclined with the patience of certainty. Darting eyes, the usual cocktail untouched. Tailing between your lap are your wants in a pouch. Sit, say hello and dance with her thoughts. Spar with her every objection. Fight them with the resolve of the last surviving member of a lineage.  Can't rely on your smile to fill this void, it lost its power to the smirks of your fuckery. The moment shrinks into the abyss, ball and chain can't draw it back. It is fleeting, evanescent and elusive.

I woke up and she was right next to me, she never left. Rows of sweat parading my body as if they just ran the heart olympics. The flame is dimming but still burns. "I brought you breakfast my dear, I will gladly massage your curling toes. You stayed one night too long and now you are stuck here with me because I let go of my ego."--- Intensity of desire.

Happy Valentines to all those that love dark, savage speech. Whatever you love, love more.

Monday, February 10, 2014


Public discourse: The public sphere is an area in social life where individuals can come together to freely discuss and identify societal problems, and through that discussion influence political action.

This weekend I needed a distraction from my reality. I needed to go out and visit the world, any place but be at home without distractions. So I broke my own rules of visiting events I consider intimate and personal without a personal invitation from neither the organizer nor the individual having the party. Tonight I stood outside in extreme cold for what felt like a year waiting for my boy to answer his goddamn phone. There he was parading the hall floors and being all giddy, serving himself a plateful and still not paying attention to his phone. Come on guy, just look my way for a second, I can't be on this much of an important a call to endure this cold -- I'm hoping the other guests who had noticed me were thinking I must be on an important call, not  the obvious gatecrasher I was this evening. He waves me in after forever, right before I was resigned to walking back to my car and finding other distractions in hell.

So I'm in a room full of mostly wonderful people enjoying sacred family moments and catching up on I'm sure the regular conversations that happen at these things. My eyes are wandering, my thoughts pacing the different faces and wondering who the honored mommy-to-be was. I hate making assumptions, usually there is more than one pregnant woman at such events so I didn't want to assume that the first pregnant lady was the honored mommy of the baby-shower. She was. The first and only visibly pregnant woman there. Pleasant lady and very welcoming. It was a fun but odd night. I find myself making loose conversations with mostly people I already knew and gave a "sewing" tip to a nice lady rocking the crap out of a Christie Brown signature rope necklace(I made the name up but it is quite descriptive so you won't miss it if you google search it). I was never really a fan of that piece but seeing it in person gave me a different vibe about it. Maybe it was who was wearing it or how she wore it. It was fresh. This room was filled with mostly young Ghanaian professionals and it was beautiful. One of the reasons I usually avoid these gatherings is to avoid reminding myself of my own challenges and wondering how great everyone else seems to be doing. I get on with it.

I'm shooting the crap with my boy who invited me then I suddenly noticed her. I wasn't entirely surprised to see her, she was more likely to be at such a gathering than I was. We aren't the closest of friends but I always want to talk to her when I see her. We usually do the song and dance about who should have gotten in touch for a lunch date, spar with the usual jokes then say our goodbyes. Life goes on. This time she was oddly striking. She has always been quite gorgeous in my opinion but tonight, it wasn't so much about physicality. It was her glow. Her look may have played a role in it but she was literally haloing in my eyes. Her hair, she was doing the natural thingy and I'm a sucker for those. Her attractiveness now was not just physical. I wasn't hitting on her, calm down. I was just in awe of her glow. Her passion was suffocating, in a way that was exciting. She is investing her time, her life into a passion. She has many others, her words, yet she's at this phase now and she is as dedicated to this in the moment as one can gather from a conversation. She is actually out there doing real work with real Ghanaian kids, in real Ghanaian communities that you never heard of. Real valuable necessary work in the educating of our younger people. She wasn't pitching nothing to me, she just was alive with this wonderful passion of hers and it really struck me almost to an apologetic disposition. Here was this Ghanaian woman who was engaged in real shit. Not talking or writing but doing! For the first time in a while, I found myself wanting to listen more than yap. I always, always have an opinion. I feel strongly about the things I believe in. Here was a doer. How could I mouth off to her?, I hadn't earned the right to.I wish our larger circle of friends, the mid 30's and lower downs, will know about her work. Then I realized there must be a few Ghanaians out there engaged in this type of work.

I have a friend who has been working in the North for a while now on issues of education, especially with young girls and has never once touted what she does as her right to be noticed. One of the things I find easy to do is writing. It may not be as good as what professionally trained writers do but it is honest. It is the one medium in which I have absolute integrity. Not to say I'm dishonest in other ways or times but sometimes I withhold my complete intentions from people based on my own idiosyncrasies. I'm currently paying for two such mistakes. I still need a distraction. My evening was not ending yet. I had another party to get to because I'm avoiding sleep at all costs. The accident I met on the highway to my destination was horrific. Dude had his head tilted to the side with what seemed like a ruby decorated left face in a mangled Nissan 350Z. The blood had crystallized? I wondered but I don't like staring so kept driving past as fast as was respectful to the tragedy. In my mind, I resolved--> no drinking at this party. Just make small talk till it is over and by the time you get home it will all be easier. The night was a very weird one. I walked up to a couple I've admired a while and told them how beautiful their love was to me. I had always wanted to say that to them, they just make you want to love. Beautiful, really.

Throughout the night, people I don't necessarily know on a deeper level kept telling me that they like my blog and I'm blessed etc. I was more stunned than flattered. I mean, I recognized that there is more traffic to the blog in the past few weeks but not to the point where real people in real life will bring it up. Nah. It gave me some perspective. I'm really just writing. It does nothing but raise an eyebrow or two, get an I agree or disagree here or there but it really does nothing. Hillary is doing wonderful things in the Eastern Region. Wendy is engaged and locked in helping kids in the Northern Region. I am here just writing. I am grateful for the viewership because writing is therapeutic for me and it always is nice to know that others took time to indulge my ramblings. I would like people to support Hillary's cause, as soon as she gives me permission to put her full name on blast, I will. That and her contact details. I would like to put my money where my thoughts are. I'm sure there are a few others who feel the same. We are slowly gonna have to become a unit, and more importantly doers not complainers. Not just bloggers and vents for our frustration on social media. There is real action going on out there and if we can't physically impact the situations we are complainingly rife about, our money can give our feelings some traction. "Nnoboa" - literally means; mutual assistance in weeding. We have some weeding to do. Until we can all be on the field, let us hand the cutlasses to the Hillarys of our generation and support the weeding effort. Talk is cheap but inaction is far more costly and actions require money, time, energy and the-know-how. Put your money where your frustrations are. I got my distraction. Monday.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Meditating on the Cedi.

Wonakobo is out - Treasure. Accra boys get money, Nima too. Shoot, Navrongo and Shiashi. People get money for Accra  bad! For Ghana, boys get money wey women even get more money. Makola women dost roff!! You dey pray give Cedi like e get stomach ache? You for give am milk of magnesia!!!.. 

Why we are baffled by our lack of progress economically I don't know. In the capital, probably the most economically vibrant part of Ghana, you have little relevant taxable commerce. The coco seller, waakye seller, street hawker, shoe-shine boy, kiosk operator, corner store, clothing store in the wall of several residential homes -- tax-free -- all of them -- tax free -- Zero-kpo!!, notin dem dey pay to conduct business in the community, notin!!! Big businesses and established store fronts, they circumvent the law. There is no watchdog for the health of our economy-- dibi namindibi, tsooboey! yey!  Ebe who e fault? You want make Cedi have value? What backs the Cedi?--> Prayers!, if you ask Duncan-Williams -- former cocaine dealer turned preacher is now a spiritual economist. Osofo Pesewa, he know money well 'cos he dey see money constant for offering bowl inside. In his church, all he has to do is command that the meek and willing congregation pay more and his offerings increase exponentially.. Why not command the Cedi in the same vein?, rules of the money market be damned.  All into the boot of his car--> trunk for those unfamiliar with british-gh lingo. At a time in his ministry, that was the practice, nowadays there are ATM's in the church building so even the Church has evolved monetarily but Ghana's economy hasn't? Ewurade kasa!

This is not the time for band-aid solutions. How many of our people even truly understand this BOG issuance? The English dem write saf dey bore but make we try understand am for the layman. Follow.


Further to Bank of Ghana Notices Nos. BG/GOV/SEC/2007/3 and BG/GOV/SEC/2007/4, it is announced for the information of all authorized dealer banks and the general public that with effect from February 5, 2014, the rules governing the operations of FEA and FCA have been revised. --> This just means; remove your drosss and apply the vaseline..

These rules are intended to streamline the operations of these accounts and bring about clarity and transparency in their operations as well as ensure compliance with Bank of Ghana Notice No.BG/GOV/SEC/2012/12 dated October 10, 2012 on the pricing, advertising receipts and payments of goods and services in foreign currency in Ghana. ---> 
You have no choice in this matter and we'll penetrate you as many times as we wish, now bend over!!

 The Notice states that all transactions in the country are required to be conducted in Ghana cedis, which is the sole legal tender. --> Since the Cedi has basically been shit, we have decided to now intervene and remind you that we are still in Ghana so using the Cedi is expected, no matter how volatile it may be, after all the value of your goods don't really fluctuate now, do they?

The Bank of Ghana has revised the mode of operation for the FEA and FCA as follows:
  1. No cheques or cheque books shall be issued on the FEA and FCA. --> This means "wu na" could be dying but if her hospital bills have to be written in check form because you are on a business trip overseas then sorry but Wu-Na!!! She can die knowing your dollars will never leave the bank to become as valueless as the Cedi...  :(

  2. Cash withdrawals over the counter from FEA and FCA shall only be permitted for travel purposes outside Ghana and shall not exceed US$10,000.00 or its equivalent in convertible foreign currency, per person, per travel. --> We know we don't manufacture even matches in this country but the only business transaction you Makola-level and petty-traders can engage in are the cheap and low-end obroni weywu type merchandize.. If you ordered an industrial machine to extract palm oil and it costs you $10,157?-- fuck you, Fa Ma Nyame!! Ashi egu... Oh and big business always pays sizable bribes so they can ignore this ruling, *shrug*

  3. Authorised dealers shall not sell foreign exchange for the credit of FEA or FCA of their customers. --> Wu p3 loan di ay3 ejuma in dollars? Aji ywease ashi.. Wuti abrochrie 'nti dien? Tweeaaa!!

  4. Transfers from one foreign currency denominated account to another are not permitted. --> We allow you to practice polygamy, but you can't fuck two wives at once, you know this!! Not even if they agree to the threesome.. Aden wuy3 macho ntiana saa? 

  5. All transfers outside Ghana from FEA and FCA shall be supported by relevant documentation. --> With the right bribe, we can xerox any documents even if it has to have the IGP's signature. If you are too broke to pay bribe, well fogerrit my broda..
Margin Account for Import Bills
f. Foreign exchange purchased for the settlement of import bills shall be credited to a margin account which shall be operated --> Wait a minute, the fuck? I can now conduct business in foreign currency again? I thought you banned that shit in rule  BG/GOV/SEC/2012/122? O well.
and managed by the bank on behalf of the importer for a period not exceeding 30 days.
Foreign Currency Denominated Loans --> Oh, so long as we control the value of your money within the 30days, you can use whatever currency you like, even if you convert it to goat herds...
  1. No bank shall grant a foreign currency denominated loan or foreign currency linked facility to a customer who is not a foreign exchange earner. --> Jaack, tutena!, you studied this in Social or Cultural studies; yen t'na faako enji enimguasi3!! You can go be Togolese and then we'll let you use whatever currency you like but so long as you be Ghanaba?, ah, stepchild kwraa enfanuhu!!!

  2. All undrawn foreign currency denominated facilities shall be converted into local currency with the coming into effect of this Notice.--> You got 24hours to live, what would you do?, where would you go?; cue in DMX and Mase for your financial emergencies... Or Obrafour may be the better fit.. Wu p3o, wun p3o, wu b3di Cedi!!

     However, existing fully drawn foreign currency denominated facilities and loans to non-foreign exchange earners shall run until expiry.--> Wonsha bodey, if you be man, go withdraw your money as the banks close, you go see your soormi!!.. O wait, by the time they open, the law would be in effect and all your dollars "musu eshwie yrodoo" -- running tummy -- you are royally fucked! Asantehene fucking small girls in Legon fucked, minister building boutique for his friends' daughter fucked, walahi church chorister several times fucked behind the partition fucked!!! Sheeeit, muy3 fokin kwraa, you fokin stupid citizens of Ghana, we the select few, we'll rape you with cactuses until you're bleeding to death.. We'll just let your carcasses marinate on the mattress-less stretchers in any public hospital! Thanks for your inherent God-given docility AND nonchalantness towards our incompetence, WE appreciate your continued belief in the Super Power that will save us and the Cedi. Oh, please don't forget to pray for us this sunday o, we need it roff - foreign currency allowed for that short church service window, no limit on the amount though, give freely!! And let the people say Aaaamen!! Hallelu.. Yah ;).
Banks and the general public are hereby advised to note the above and be guided accordingly.
4th February, 2014 -- Oh I forgot, my name carries some authority but if you refuse to follow the rules I have imposed, the highest authority of all, Nyame ankasa betua muka!, mu Ghanafuo!! I know you won't ask  me any real relevant questions anyway so I boldly tell you to go fuck yourself. Thanks for reading your new bible. 

When are we going to implement sound economic practices? Enact and enforce rules and regulations that truly bolster our economy and the value of our currency. Or are we just resigned to these fairy dust solutions that will blow up in 13months? Are these well-educated economists and elder citizens just gonna shoosh and let sleeping dogs lie? The ground is sifting from beneath our feet.. We are sinking and we have our hands raised to heaven, praying vehemently and God is busily disgusted by our lack of responsibility. 

We have to sacrifice now for the longterm health of the economy, the only guarantee known to man for a stable valuable currency. Let's invest our resources in our people. Someone hear us, the collective intelligent youth posting everywhere on social media with possible solutions. Our issues are not unique and never-seen before but our attitudes may be unprecedented. What gives? I am partially jovial and sarcastic in this piece but damn this stuff makes my stomach turn in kaleidoscopic sequences. ...

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


My brother asked a question about some of the contradictions of the Bible and why certain things seem unexplainable. I personally think religion is the most divisive man-made  tool created so I decided to engage the universe with certain thoughts I have.

1. First, we have to accept that religion is man-made.. Since no one has witnessed and has physical proof of a face to face encounter with God, we are all searching for truth.The meaning of our existence. God is real(IMHO), the existence of "a creator" is more logical and rational than not. If you found yourself on an empty factory floor with no trace of life and your two guesses were to speculate that a. the dirt from the ground evolved into the buildings and machinery etc or b. that someone actually built these things, what will your wild guess be? :)

2. Your fear of the falsehood of your religion/faith is what makes you say that blind-faith is illogical. "You just believe"--the recital embedded in your head since childhood.. This is a silly way to think if you actually believe that the universe has a creator. Why does any logical person accept and believe in something illogical? We complicate God when He is actually very clear as day in my opinion.

3. Religion is like any other field of study or endeavor. Like piloting, engineering, sex and what have yous. It is all through trial and error until theories became facts(in the case of religion, mostly unproven). For the longest time, religious leaders and sects have discouraged questioning any of the theories they preach. Why?, they have no logical explanation for the hard bits so better tell you not to think about it so you don't question them. Such thoughts become sins that tie people in guilt for their whole lives instead of experiencing God's creation.

4. So now that we've established that God is a truer possibility than not, the question about faith is; are we blindly accepting dated perspectives of our ancestors due to our fear of the thoughts these questions provoke or are we going to be the thinking humans we've been created to be and seek a better understanding of the God body?

5. Understanding God, in my humble opinion is not an illogical adventure which has to be clouded in mystery and secrecy, fear and rituals, routines and meaningless rules of conduct. The question; is having blind faith illogical? I say no because I interpret faith in God as faith in yourself. If you believe in your existence then your faith is intact. Believing that God has formed you with a set of abilities and virtues. It is now your duty as a person to live a conscionable life.

6. A life which in summation, is either good or bad. Good is also relative just as is bad. Circumstances dictate which side of that divide your actions fall in. Example; premarital sex is not "a sin" if you are acting responsibly on your free-will. It is bad when it becomes an obsession that prevents you from living a full life like you were created to live.

7. Religion and its many rituals and practices were setup in order to monetize people's faith. They created the illusion of fear so you don't question the thievery. It is a bit confusing because, the Bible actually has specific instructions for the purpose of "offerings" as do most other religions. The people have been dulled by their fear so much that most of us now blindly tow whatever line our religion prescribes.

8. Religions decided that certain routines will help avoid bad and create more good. This is where they fail -- the issue of morality. The abysmal failure of religion in this regard is because they did not thoroughly consider the variable that is "circumstance".

9. I think it is utterly stupid and sinful to think God to be that basic. He'll send you to hell for wearing a mini skirt? Not covering your face with a piece of cloth? Enjoying sex because you don't believe in being married? That you got angry at a situation? Really?

10. The simple fact that most if not all religions ascribe to an idea of a "chosen people" is what I find more divisive and self-absorbing. God created us all but then decided that a certain group of people get special treatment. God is divisive? Or are the creators of religions petty and self-absorbed in their belief that their one group is sooo special? Which in turn gives them the right to kill off the 'non-chosen' before God Himself can mete out justice? These poor unchosen folks get double punishment? On earth and then again on the so-called judgment day? He created these people so He could kill them for sport? Please think.

11. This is my observation: We do things in our own selfish desires and try to compensate for our shortcomings with some silly ritual. It is free-will and we'll answer for our actions based on our specific circumstances here on earth. The after-life will demand its own answers from us, what we did with our lives and the circumstances we lived in. There isn't going to be a judgment day, where will we all stand in awaiting judgment? An auditorium? A park, stadium or space? There are 6billion people living at the moment and we couldn't conduct a mock judgment-day for each one of us even if we stopped all earthly activities to try and accomplish this in 24hours. Now include all the people dead and gone and yet to be born... Yeah, you get the picture.

12. I think God put us here for the experience of enjoying His creation and also to live with one another. We have divided ourselves up for selfish reasons and destroy each other in the name of "some false holiness". The most important thing is to live a conscionable life, one that you can outweigh your bad choices with your good ones. We will answer for it if the after-life is as we are imagining.

13. I tell you these things freely because the truth of God is not attached to any financial cost but keep buying the expensive holy water and sprinkle away. I don't claim to have all the answers but I damn sure as God exercise the brain He gave me and I know your Pastor is lying for survival!!!! Either that or he is refusing to exercise his brain like he was created to do. Fear-mongering is the only way to keep you in-line and dumping them $$ into the bottomless offering bowl. If God in all His might( I believe he is almighty) created this universe, why will He command you to give Him your paper money that is manufactured from the very trees he created? What for?

In summary: live, love and seek God in truth and honest inquiry. We all have to discover this individually, not in some bandwagon room filled with screamers and fainters.. The body odors alone will keep God at a distance-- take a long bath instead and meditate silently. Hear Him in your thoughts. Keep faith that all this will make sense some way some day some how. Peace.

Monday, February 3, 2014


I love Ghana. I love it so much, I can't wait for these old heads to die off. They stifle growth. I know many young people who love it just as much if not more. There is a silently brewing undercurrent of young vibrant and ambitious kids who grew up under this heavy cloud of mediocrity fighting for their moment in the sun. The stars are aligning and the time is fast approaching when we are in charge of our own destinies, using the talents bestowed on us through grace. I know there is a force out there that is controlling our steps and almighty as He is, we will see this through.

Forgive the melodrama of my first paragraph, I have a knack for being excessively philosophical when "I woke up like this, flawless!" There is a permanence to a certain phenomena in Ghana. The rich man. The same names have remained in the conversation of "cha this guy get money o" for so long that their names are synonymous with the perception of success to the majority of our youth. I'm feeling abrasive enough to name these figureheads but that will be almost uncouth. However, we can still have this conversation in a broader context without doing any direct name-calling. The topic of legacy is what is on my mind primarily. For the sake of full disclosure, I am a third generation descendant of one such rich man who amassed colossal wealth and spread it across his hometown like paint on a wall so this is by no means a hypocritical assessment of what I argue in this conversation. 

I find it intriguing that most of these rich men die with their wealth. Let me rephrase that; when they die, their wealth ends. Their legacies? A fractured family at each others throats for a piece of the pie. The dry and tasteless pie of metal and cement -- Cars and Houses. Some paid off, others being held as collateral by a bank for a loan taken in the latter stages of their lives to sustain a dying business or lifestyle etc. This is pathetic, I say this with the deepest sincerity I can muster. These old heads are killing our future with their lack of vision. How is a sprawling mansion at Kwahu, the one they visit once a year for the festivities and leave empty for the remaining 350days in the year considered a good thing? Or the numerous cars patrolling the potholed city they permanently reside in? Their solution to bad roads; buy SUV's. How is this a legacy? HOW?

Build a hospital in partnership with one of your wealthy friends. Build a library in your hometown and be its patron. Build a school in the village you've adopted because it churns out a portion of the wealth you've acquired.Adopt a faculty in one of the Universities that specializes in your industry so there is a continued supply of young talent who are burning with desire to join your company after graduation. Use the clout of your wealth to demand better roads for the progress of commerce, go to the extent of funding it if need be, negotiate some subsidies or tax incentives from your ingenuous contribution to the progress of the country. Pay your employees a much higher wage than the market dictates so they can also turn around and be meaningful contributors to the economy and society as a whole. Make it your challenge to revolutionarize the national favorite pastime; the GPL to be competitive when stacked against the best leagues in the world. Just a millionth of the possibilities are named in this paragraph but you get the picture I'm painting, I hope.

Competition is a great virtue. It is essential to growth. Most people who are great at what they do yearn for that competitiveness in their various fields. There is no real improvement if competition is nonexistent. I am a capitalist at heart and I believe in the invisible hand preached by Adam Smith in the bible of progress; The Wealth of Nations. That book changed my life and I read it when I was 17(make of it what you will but I consider it essential reading for all humans). You can not expect real progress if all these wealthy people invest in meaningless acquisitions. Our generation has to shun these wasteful habits passed down by our short-sighted predecessors or we are bound to do worse than they have. Look, I love luxury more than the next man, it is part of my DNA but the true test of our mettle is not going to be who drives the flashiest cars or has the biggest empty homes. It will be those who sacrifice their talents for the betterment of the country, our people. There will come a time when our toys will be a means of competitive sport amongst friends but let us aspire for higher. I want to compete against my best friend(brilliant guy by the way -- if you need a thorough business plan, holla @ Roni Laryea) or partner with him to say we have the best paid workers in our chosen field of business. I want to compete with my other friend about who has the best record label with the most successful artists on the continent. I want to own a soccer team that produces world class talent and generates a billion dollars a quarter from fans who can actually afford tickets to attend regular scheduled games. I say I but mean you.

What is a legacy? Leaving behind a bitter wife, disoriented kids who despise their siblings you created from years of infidelity is no legacy. Leaving behind a slew of houses that cannot be maintained after your death is no legacy. A fleet of cars to fill half a soccer field is not a legacy. Unless you prescribe to the direct definition of the word, the material acquisitions of your lifetime gets you the "that guy was rich o" memorial. That school, hospital, stadium, library, road, highway, company etc with your name on it; Legacy. The people will remember your name and that of your family in the history books. The people you touch positively, lives you improved, opportunities you gave, cause you fought for; Legacy. I love a Ghana that is owned and run by Ghanaians. I love a Ghana where anyone, regardless of their ethnicity or upbringing can find their way to a world-class education, decent paying job, a decent home, basic amenities like water and electricity and even toilets are not considered niceties. I have loved my experience in the US because my destiny is not tied to who I know. My Resume/CV is my only needed meal ticket. I can change my income by just improving my skill set, no ass-kissing needed. I can't move back home just yet because of this phobia, if I don't know somebody in a position of power or influence, I will be reduced to a petty conman looking for his next paycheck in the dark doldrums of corruption. This is a vision I share with many young and capable Ghanaians who are ready to take over. I write these things so it is on record that we are aware of what preceded us and we should never repeat those mistakes. I often hear certain idioms or proverbs that are inherently detrimental to our progress. One of them being; "okoto enwu anomaa" --- Crabs do not birth birds. Well, in our unique circumstances in Ghana, let us be the lions that were birthed by crabs, the birds that were birthed by worms or the giraffes that came from the wombs of vultures. That will be our legacy.