Friday, January 8, 2010


So the interwebs are going crazy about images in a rap video. The frenzy of naming others devil-wordhippers and attributing all success to the selling of souls and whatnot. If you know anything about me, my avid support of the one who calls himself Hova is no secret, its almost synonymous with my middle name.If you know anything about hiphop, you'll also know that he isn't the first to reference himself as God-like! I was taught that we are made in God's likeness and the Bible even further says we are gods.. So before I get to spewing about the lameness of this fiasco, no Lupe, I'll say this: I am almost perturbed by Jay's irresponsibility in allowing these images to breath in the video, whatever the intent maybe.. Poking fun, sarcasm.. yeah I can relate b'cos I react that way sometimes as well but my reach is only an iota compared to his. That said, lets digest the silliness of the fear-mongering minority that is basing their outcry on religion.

This all started with some pastor posturing his congregation with a blatant untruth about a record, Lucifer, to be specific. One of my favorite tracks off Black Album btw. His claim is that the record advocates murdering Jesus when played backwards.. What retard plays a record backwards? That is a level of curiousity I'm yet to reach. Factually though, this was a somewhat underground practice that has been around for ages known as 'Backmasking'. In the 80's, certain metal groups were accused of similar evil deeds and that their records inspired the youth to go wayward and such. This 'Lucifer' record was mixed by Danger Mouse, without Jay's permission or advocation even though he acknowledged it in his post-retirement as it was critically acclaimed.. Mouse merged Jay with the Beatles, big friggin deal.. the recording backwards was not Jays' intention nor can he control how words would sound if played in reverse... Imagine blaming Toyota for a car crash after you decide to hit I-95N full throttle in reverse..SMH, the other tangent to this mess is, in the actual song played the way it was intended to be listened to by normal people, he is asking for Gods mercies and guidance, to keep him from avenging a friends death! "Lord forgive'em, he got them dark forces in him but he also got a righteous cause" blah blah... The song itself is a dirgeful collage of so many sacred emotions its a shame to ridicule it to that level of silliness. So all the sermons and stories of the wonderful doings of Our Lord Jesus took a backseat to a minor artist in His Universe on that fateful sunday. The internet is the new AIDS, it spreads vile information with no means of curbing it..

So all these artists are suddenly devil-worshippers and the only means to success is by selling one's soul? What impression are we leaving on the youth? Are they claiming that hardwork and sacrifice(you know what I mean, stop it) does not lead to success? I have asked this question plenty times and I'm yet to get the real answer. If Oprah,Obama, Diddy, JayZ etc. are all baphomet worshipping evil souls, what is their end goal after they gain world control? The discussion seeths into putting waaay too much stock in a mere rapper who is yet to convince his wife to bare his seeds, world dominion is certainly not his forte.. The fear of evil is justified here in Corporate greed and people seeking wealth by any means necessary, we destroy each other steadily but fail to acknowledge that, because all factions are busy pointing fingers. God is Love, until we realize that we are all fighting a losing battle, and misguided religious fanatics will always cry of the certainty of doom upon us!

Burn after reading, HA!

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