Saturday, March 1, 2014


Hey, you look nice.. You are shy on the phone and you seem to be more engaged with the dinner plate at the moment than me but that is okay. I'm glad we came to a place that you actually enjoy the food. You said you were into food, you weren't lying huh?

So I showed up in your texts and here we are! Or did you show up in my texts? Okay, even if  I did, your cupcakes hint was an offering to the hungry and dying?--LOL. Well then, I felt special so thanks. :).

*Smiley faces, giggles and makes eye contact* *Damn she fine*

Well, I'm a pretty straight shooter.. I don't find fun in games any more and so I'll ask you this; what are you tryna do? 'Cos I just want someone to hang with and talk shit with on the regular, laugh and be real with. I know it might be kinda early and all but you should let a dude like me change your habit of not wanting to call and chat on the phone much.. I like where you live, we should go for walks sometimes, maybe you can work me out :) .. I mean work out with me.. lol. Fuck it, you ready? Ight let's get you home, I plan to pick you up a few more occasions so let's not drain out the excitement on our first date..

*Still smiley faces after all of her phrases, she barely says much but I see the twinkle in her eyes*

Ok hon, I had a great time and ........... *OMG we are sucking face like Indiana Jones searching for treasures behind our tooth cavities* -- *Okay, gross but it was the the first indicator that shawty was a keeper*  *She knows what she wants and goes for it*

So, I'd cut to the chase. I think you are tall so can you wear flats often? LOL, really I don't mind cos with your shoes off I'm taller anyway.. *side-eye*... I like you, I don't need to figure you out, would you be my girlfriend?

*This is how it should have played out,.... 20/20....

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