Tuesday, February 4, 2014


My brother asked a question about some of the contradictions of the Bible and why certain things seem unexplainable. I personally think religion is the most divisive man-made  tool created so I decided to engage the universe with certain thoughts I have.

1. First, we have to accept that religion is man-made.. Since no one has witnessed and has physical proof of a face to face encounter with God, we are all searching for truth.The meaning of our existence. God is real(IMHO), the existence of "a creator" is more logical and rational than not. If you found yourself on an empty factory floor with no trace of life and your two guesses were to speculate that a. the dirt from the ground evolved into the buildings and machinery etc or b. that someone actually built these things, what will your wild guess be? :)

2. Your fear of the falsehood of your religion/faith is what makes you say that blind-faith is illogical. "You just believe"--the recital embedded in your head since childhood.. This is a silly way to think if you actually believe that the universe has a creator. Why does any logical person accept and believe in something illogical? We complicate God when He is actually very clear as day in my opinion.

3. Religion is like any other field of study or endeavor. Like piloting, engineering, sex and what have yous. It is all through trial and error until theories became facts(in the case of religion, mostly unproven). For the longest time, religious leaders and sects have discouraged questioning any of the theories they preach. Why?, they have no logical explanation for the hard bits so better tell you not to think about it so you don't question them. Such thoughts become sins that tie people in guilt for their whole lives instead of experiencing God's creation.

4. So now that we've established that God is a truer possibility than not, the question about faith is; are we blindly accepting dated perspectives of our ancestors due to our fear of the thoughts these questions provoke or are we going to be the thinking humans we've been created to be and seek a better understanding of the God body?

5. Understanding God, in my humble opinion is not an illogical adventure which has to be clouded in mystery and secrecy, fear and rituals, routines and meaningless rules of conduct. The question; is having blind faith illogical? I say no because I interpret faith in God as faith in yourself. If you believe in your existence then your faith is intact. Believing that God has formed you with a set of abilities and virtues. It is now your duty as a person to live a conscionable life.

6. A life which in summation, is either good or bad. Good is also relative just as is bad. Circumstances dictate which side of that divide your actions fall in. Example; premarital sex is not "a sin" if you are acting responsibly on your free-will. It is bad when it becomes an obsession that prevents you from living a full life like you were created to live.

7. Religion and its many rituals and practices were setup in order to monetize people's faith. They created the illusion of fear so you don't question the thievery. It is a bit confusing because, the Bible actually has specific instructions for the purpose of "offerings" as do most other religions. The people have been dulled by their fear so much that most of us now blindly tow whatever line our religion prescribes.

8. Religions decided that certain routines will help avoid bad and create more good. This is where they fail -- the issue of morality. The abysmal failure of religion in this regard is because they did not thoroughly consider the variable that is "circumstance".

9. I think it is utterly stupid and sinful to think God to be that basic. He'll send you to hell for wearing a mini skirt? Not covering your face with a piece of cloth? Enjoying sex because you don't believe in being married? That you got angry at a situation? Really?

10. The simple fact that most if not all religions ascribe to an idea of a "chosen people" is what I find more divisive and self-absorbing. God created us all but then decided that a certain group of people get special treatment. God is divisive? Or are the creators of religions petty and self-absorbed in their belief that their one group is sooo special? Which in turn gives them the right to kill off the 'non-chosen' before God Himself can mete out justice? These poor unchosen folks get double punishment? On earth and then again on the so-called judgment day? He created these people so He could kill them for sport? Please think.

11. This is my observation: We do things in our own selfish desires and try to compensate for our shortcomings with some silly ritual. It is free-will and we'll answer for our actions based on our specific circumstances here on earth. The after-life will demand its own answers from us, what we did with our lives and the circumstances we lived in. There isn't going to be a judgment day, where will we all stand in awaiting judgment? An auditorium? A park, stadium or space? There are 6billion people living at the moment and we couldn't conduct a mock judgment-day for each one of us even if we stopped all earthly activities to try and accomplish this in 24hours. Now include all the people dead and gone and yet to be born... Yeah, you get the picture.

12. I think God put us here for the experience of enjoying His creation and also to live with one another. We have divided ourselves up for selfish reasons and destroy each other in the name of "some false holiness". The most important thing is to live a conscionable life, one that you can outweigh your bad choices with your good ones. We will answer for it if the after-life is as we are imagining.

13. I tell you these things freely because the truth of God is not attached to any financial cost but keep buying the expensive holy water and sprinkle away. I don't claim to have all the answers but I damn sure as God exercise the brain He gave me and I know your Pastor is lying for survival!!!! Either that or he is refusing to exercise his brain like he was created to do. Fear-mongering is the only way to keep you in-line and dumping them $$ into the bottomless offering bowl. If God in all His might( I believe he is almighty) created this universe, why will He command you to give Him your paper money that is manufactured from the very trees he created? What for?

In summary: live, love and seek God in truth and honest inquiry. We all have to discover this individually, not in some bandwagon room filled with screamers and fainters.. The body odors alone will keep God at a distance-- take a long bath instead and meditate silently. Hear Him in your thoughts. Keep faith that all this will make sense some way some day some how. Peace.

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