Thursday, February 13, 2014



The war is almost over.  Silhouettes of fear draped the room, flowing with much uninhibited grace.
She's dancing away like a whirlwind. Tracing the floor in a pattern of rage, resurrecting the dead tissues of melancholy. Lady!

Today you get flowers, chocolate and the left chest organ screaming like the keys of a grand piano.
Show up at her door and yell your peace. Don't dance till the energy is dissipated, grasp it, feel it.
Sew words where your actions hold no thread. Inhale it with the intensity of....

Don't get poetic, just take her where she's never been. Rest your guard, tonight you dine on her heart while it is raw. Nothing is ever sure, it is all a chance you gotta take. You don't believe much in the exercise of instructed love, so what? Today break some of your worthless rules, there's no prize in heaven for holding on to them so tight. The only thing that matters is now, the moment, how real, relish it.

We set out to voice a tale of the beauty of loving. Few come around with this much force. Your man card is no less valuable because you embraced the force. The alternative is feeling a bunch of bullshit that never mattered 9-months after the moment is gone, your wishes are not respected by time. 

Walk into the restaurant with the confidence of a frightened pup. She sits, shoulders drooping and chin reclined with the patience of certainty. Darting eyes, the usual cocktail untouched. Tailing between your lap are your wants in a pouch. Sit, say hello and dance with her thoughts. Spar with her every objection. Fight them with the resolve of the last surviving member of a lineage.  Can't rely on your smile to fill this void, it lost its power to the smirks of your fuckery. The moment shrinks into the abyss, ball and chain can't draw it back. It is fleeting, evanescent and elusive.

I woke up and she was right next to me, she never left. Rows of sweat parading my body as if they just ran the heart olympics. The flame is dimming but still burns. "I brought you breakfast my dear, I will gladly massage your curling toes. You stayed one night too long and now you are stuck here with me because I let go of my ego."--- Intensity of desire.

Happy Valentines to all those that love dark, savage speech. Whatever you love, love more.

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